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The real reason why you can't focus

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The true cost of distraction and entropy (mental chaos).

Since we're all about tapping into flow and optimal performance.

Let's talk about the true cost of not being in flow, of distractions, of entropy (mental chaos) first.

Because for most of us, that's what's holding us back.

Maybe that's the case for you too.

Sometimes no matter how much self-development content you consume

No matter how much training you do

No matter how much you optimize your life

If you can’t focus and you’re easily distracted, it may be because your consciousness is full of entropy (chaos).

And it gets really challenging to get yourself to perform your best.

Isn’t it?

The true cost of distraction and mental chaos:

  • missed opportunities

  • lost productivity

  • internal turmoil

  • self-sabotage

  • negative internal chatter

  • negative outcomes

  • mental chaos

  • self-doubt

  • inability to focus

  • constant distraction

Ultimately, REGRET.

And the list can go on.

How are you overcoming these challenges?

Here's something to think about – the year it almost ending and we're starting on a new year in 1.5 months!

Are you ready to change the narrative?

Do you want to work on becoming the best you can be?

Are you building the person you want to become?

Here's my suggestion, if I may.

First, realize what’s standing in your way.

Do a life audit, a thought audit.

Distractions, mental chaos, incessant internal chatter, self-doubt.

How can you eliminate that?

How can you eliminate friction?

Or lessen it.

How can you bring order to your consciousness?

So that when it’s go-time and you need perform (however that applies to you) those baggages won’t hold you back or weigh you down.

So that your path is clear and you can execute with effortless ease and nothing stands in your way.

How can you use them (baggages) as fuel — turn them into something that will propel you forward?

I invite you to sit on that for a moment.

Take the time to reflect.

On the next email, we'll talk about Negentropy. The other side of entropy.

Why you need negentropy and some of the ways you can get there.

Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Work 1:1 with me through - Thrive in Flow 6-month coaching program

  2. Train resilience and become a peaceful warrior - Becoming a Peaceful warrior Retreat

  3. Be part of the collective and join our weekly meetups Chasing Flow Collective


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