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On the path to 10,000 hours

Practice. It always starts with practice.

How do I build the stamina to be able to put in 10,000 hours to refine my writing skills?

How do I build the discipline to do deliberate practice day in day out?

How do I find momentum?

How do I find flow within my practice?

Do I find it?

Or do I instigate it?

Those are the questions that run through my head as I get myself to the path of becoming a writer and a thought leader.

Where do I start? How do I start?

My initial idea is to start where I am and with the least effort possible to get me on the path.

And that is, start publishing on Medium.

The problem is, the moment I start writing there, I feel the pressure of having to perform.

So I have to remind myself that this is practice. This is not a performance.

Just keep going. Build up my practice.

Put my work and there and see where it leads.

And take my own advice. Don’t get caught up with this idea of perfection.

My first work won’t be perfect and I have to accept that.

But the more practice, the more I develop the skill that eventually it just becomes second nature.

So I’m going to start publishing on Medium today because I told myself I will.


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