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How to live a high flow lifestyle

We touched on 3 flow triggers in the last post so you'll be ready to dig a bit deeper this time.

In the theater of optimal performance, understanding the preconditions to flow is like discovering the backstage workings of a flawless production.

Let's navigate the intricacies of these nine preconditions, unraveling the script to a state where effortless achievement becomes a daily reality.

1. Clear Goals

Imagine setting sail without a destination – the voyage lacks purpose. In the world of flow, clear goals act as the compass, guiding your efforts with intentionality.

They transform tasks from aimless activities into purposeful endeavors.

2. Immediate Feedback

Consider a tennis match without the instant acknowledgment of a well-played shot.

Flow thrives on the immediacy of feedback – the timely response that allows you to adjust and refine your actions in the ongoing performance of your day.

3. Balance Between Challenge and Skill

Life is a dance between challenge and skill.

Flow emerges in the sweet spot where tasks are neither too easy nor too difficult, creating a rhythm that allows you to stretch your abilities without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Concentration

Picture a tightrope walker – concentration is the unwavering focus that prevents a misstep.

When in flow, concentration becomes your spotlight, illuminating the task at hand while dimming distractions from the periphery.

5. The Paradox of Control

Control, not as a rigid constraint, but as the confident steering of your ship through life's currents.

In flow, the paradox lies in maintaining a sense of control over your actions and environment, allowing for freedom within the structured journey.

6. Loss of Self-Consciousness

Think of a dancer absorbed in the rhythm, oblivious to the audience.

In flow, self-consciousness dissolves as you become one with your tasks, transcending the awareness of self and immersing fully in the present moment.

7. Transformation of Time

Time becomes an elastic concept, stretching and contracting.

Flow transforms minutes into hours, where the passage of time becomes secondary to the immersive experience of the task at hand.

8. Autotelic Experience

Tasks become not just means to an end but sources of intrinsic joy.

The experience itself is the reward, making every action, no matter how mundane, a fulfilling pursuit.

9. The Merging of Action and Awareness

As a pianist's fingers dance across the keys, action and awareness become a seamless unity.

Flow is the state where every move, decision, and thought integrates effortlessly, creating a performance that feels both natural and profound.

Benefits of Understanding Flow Triggers

Understanding these preconditions isn't just theoretical knowledge; it's the key to a more intentional and fulfilled life.

How to Apply Flow in Daily Life

  • Set Clear Objectives - Define your daily goals, providing direction to your efforts.

  • Seek Immediate Feedback - Embrace feedback as a tool for real-time adjustments and improvements.

  • Balance Challenge and Skill - Identify tasks that challenge you just enough to engage without overwhelming.

  • Cultivate Concentration - Minimize distractions and create environments that enhance concentration.

  • Embrace Control: Maintain a sense of control over your actions and environment, fostering confidence.

  • Lose Self-Consciousness - Immerse yourself in tasks, transcending self-awareness for deeper engagement.

  • Bend Time - Engage in activities that make time feel elastic, capturing the essence of flow.

  • Find Joy in the Process - Rediscover the intrinsic joy in daily tasks, making them fulfilling experiences.

  • Merge Action and Awareness - Strive for unity between action and awareness, creating a seamless daily performance.

Understanding and applying these preconditions to flow is your backstage pass to a life where every act is intentional, and the performance is a harmonious blend of effort and ease.

If you're ready to explore how flow can become a daily companion, consider a Flow Coaching session.

Or book a discovery call to find out more and see if it's a good fit.

Let's navigate the script together and transform your daily routine into a masterpiece of effortless achievement.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Work 1:1 with me through a Thrive in Flow 6-month coaching program

  2. Train resilience and become a peaceful warrior - Becoming a Peaceful warrior Retreat

  3. Be part of the collective and join our weekly meetups Chasing Flow Collective

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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