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A podcast on peak performance lifestyle through rock climbing and Ashtanga yoga.


Hosted by Nash Mayuela.

What is flow state?

Flow State is an "altered state of consciousness where you feel your best and you perform your best"  as defined by Steven Kotler (Author of The Rise of Superman).


If that’s what flow state is, then I want to post these questions here:


  • How do I get into flow when I'm rock climbing?

  • How do I stay in the zone as long as possible?

  • How can flow state help me send my project and push my limits?


These are the questions that run through my head on the daily. 


These are the questions we seek to get answers to in this podcast. 

Chasing Flow State is a podcast on living a high flow lifestyle around rock climbing and yoga. And how both pursuits propel us toward peak performance when they intersect. 

My mission is to explore more ways to help you structure your life around flow so you can consistently perform at your peak, recover well, and do it all over again.

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