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A space where we train

to get into flow state easily

so you can consistently perform your best

get mental clarity

think high-quality thoughts

even at your worst


intro to


Come out of this workshop having a sense of confidence that you can establish a solid self-practice of the Half Primary series that will eventually get you further

  • this is a 2-day intro course where we cover the foundations of the Ashtanga yoga method that will help you establish a daily yoga practice

  • learn to breathe the Ocean Breath (Ujayi breathing) to sustain the practice from start to finish

  • learn to activate your bandhas or “energy locks” so you can come in and out of each pose fluidly

  • learn about the "drishtis" or gaze for each pose so you’re never looking around. you keep your focus on your breath and inwards 

  • break down how to execute a proper vinyasa with correct alignment to avoid unnecessary injuries most especially on the wrist

  • you will come out of this workshop having a sense of confidence that you can establish a solid self-practice of the Half Primary series that will eventually get you further

Intro to Ashtanga



This mentorship approach will get you deeper into your practice by working on your weakness and building up on your strength so you can progress faster. 

  • After going through the 2-day intro workshop, if you're ready to take the plunge, doing the Ashtanga mentorship will be the path for you

  • You will be working 1:1 with Nash to help you deepen and refine your Ashtanga practice so the approach will always be personalized

  • learn how to approach certain poses that are not accessible for you through modifications building you up to the full poses

  • this is going to be a journey of self-exploration of what your body while training your mind to believe that your body is capable of  doing amazing things

  • you will go through mental and physical training that will be tailored to where you currently are on your journey and where you want to go

  • you will learn to develop the discipline to show up on your mat daily to practice with fervor and devotion

  • if you're ready to commit to a  minimum 3-month mentorship program and ready to be transformed and evolve both mentally and physically, this is the adventure for you​




Imagine learning how to get your biology work for you so you can easily get into flow which helps your train yourself for peak performance. 

We will go through a peak performance primer where you 

  • Understand the science behind flow state so you can make it work for you

  • Learn how to schedule your day for peak performance

  • Learn to automatize the Habit of Ferocity

  • Learn to perform your best even at your worst

  • Learn to stack the odds in your favor so you can win

  • Understand the dark side of peak performance

  • Learn deep recovery techniques so you can peak perform in the long haul

Then use all these cognitive and emotional skills you learn and apply it to be able to 

Peak Performance Coaching
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