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Helping you access flow and sustain optimal performance

flow coaching


On becoming the best you can be and sustaining optimal performance

elite mental coaching for peak performers for athletes, executives, leaders, and high performers

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As a peak performer, you recognize that accessing flow enhances focus, heightens productivity, and maximizes your potential.

You're done with all the grinding and the hustling.

You want to move with effortless ease and a sense of boldness.

You move with trust that you have what it takes to rise above the daily challenges and sustain it over a long period.

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You wake up feeling the weight of the daily grind.


Wondering if there's more to the game of life than just ticking off tasks and responsibilities?


I get it. It's not just about winning; it's about playing with joy.

Imagine this:


Every move you make, from the moment you open your eyes, is purposeful and infused with passion.


Yeah, I'm talking about a game plan that's not just a checklist but a carefully crafted strategy to bring out your absolute best in every area of your life.

Now, let's talk work.


You know those days when you're in the zone, knocking out tasks like a seasoned pro?


That sweet spot where everything just flows.


But let's be real—sustaining that rhythm is no easy feat.


The daily grind can turn even the most exciting tasks into mundane routines.



  • It's not just about fine-tuning your skills; it's a whole rewiring of your approach.


  • Picture your 9-to-5 or whatever your daily grind looks like as a daily adventure where challenges become stepping stones and success feels like second nature.

And your brain?


It's a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed.


  • We're talking neuroscience-backed strategies to grease those cognitive gears.


  • Think precision decision-making, heightened focus, and the ability to navigate life's twists and turns with ease.

  • It's like having the keys to a high-performance engine.

Now, imagine breaking through barriers, aligning your actions with your deepest desires, and savoring the satisfaction of living each moment to its fullest potential.


That's the transformation we're talking about.

Ready to step into the arena and move beyond your boundaries?


Let's get moving.


Your life, your game—

infused with purpose, passion, and the unbridled joy of playing at your absolute best.


You in?


A 6-month peak performance journey

Redefine what's possible in your life.

Work with a dedicated coach for 6 months.

Build a resilient heart and a resilient mind in a resilient body.

Become antifragile.


Nash Mayuela

Flow & Peak Performance Coach  Rock Climber  Entrepreneur


I'm here to help you access flow when it matters most, live a life of passion, and design a life that makes flow inevitable.

As a rock climber, entrepreneur, and flow coach, Chasing Flow State is the amalgamation of the training, insights, and experiences I've gained from those disciplines which I bring into each coaching session I lead.  


Why flow?


Flow is the "optimal state of consciousness when you feel your best and perform your best" - Steven Kotler.

When we're performing at our peak, we're usually in a flow state.


That feeling of being "in the zone". When action and awareness merge, there's absorption in the task at hand and you have clarity of thought.

Who doesn't want flow? 


Who doesn't want deep focus and effortless ease when working on our toughest projects and hardest goals?

I don't know about you but I do. 

You can recognize when you're in flow but you don't know how to consistently access it. It seems so elusive like it's a mystical experience.

But it's not.

Flow is trainable. Flow is a mindset, a mentality, an approach to life.


Flow can be your default.

And that's what I'm here for, to help you consistently access flow so you can perform at your best with effortless ease and consistently at that.

Coaching Training and Backgroun​d

With a BS Psych degree and training in flow and peak performance coaching from the prestigious Flow Centre, I specialize in coaching individuals like you through the challenges and hurdles you face in your journey to optimal performance and self-actualization (being the best you can be).


Flow Centre is renowned worldwide for its exceptional coaching and training, catering to elite athletes, Olympians, world champions, executives, and peak performers, all grounded in the deep insights of psychology and neuroscience when it comes to achieving that elusive flow state.


My approach is firmly rooted in evidence-based techniques, honed through extensive training in positive psychology, postgraduate coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistics programming), counseling, and comprehensive neuroscience courses


Cultivating a culture of deep work, radical candor,

and NAVY SEAL-like team collaboration

Create an environment where high performance is the default and design a structure where flow is inevitable


Centers around the concept of "flow," where individuals experience a state of complete absorption and focus, leading to heightened creativity, efficiency, and overall well-being.