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Hi I'm Nash.

I'm a yoga teacher, a rock climber, and a flow and performance coach.

My mission is to help you get in the zone, consistently access flow state, and live a life of passion.


I've been an Ashtanga yoga practitioner since 2010 and started teaching in 2011 and did my yoga teacher training in Mysore, India.


Since then, I've taught yoga at surf camps, rock climbing camp, and yoga retreats in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.


I'm passionate about flow state and am trained as a flow and peak performance coach by the Flow Centre, a comprehensive cohort-based course that runs for 5 months.


While I have a Bachelor's in Psychology, I've had my coaching training through Flow Centre, the world's leading organization specializing in coaching and training elite athletes and high performers on flow state and optimal performance.

We use evidence-based techniques and practice based on the latest flow research, positive psychology, postgraduate counseling, NLP, and neuroscience courses.


My training consisted of over 135 hours of face-to-face sessions and 100+ hours of self-paced learning which ran from May to September 2023. This course also meets the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Level 2 training accreditation.

how it all started

In 2016, after spending 6 years of my life working in marketing for an American publishing company, I decided to quit my job, leave home, and travel in search of the unknown.


I decided to put myself in a situation where I’ll be forced to think on my feet, reinvent myself, learn fast, and adapt. The process was painful yet exhilarating and my only regret was that I hope I did it sooner. 

For 4 years I’ve traveled and worked remotely for different tech startups and lived in different countries to start and restart my life, but I’m not even half done yet. 

I’ve been in constant pursuit of everything I’m passionate about, everything I have strong feelings for, and everything that drives me into peak performance. But I never understood what it is I’m chasing after. 

Till one day, I had an aha moment and realized I’m chasing this feeling, a natural high, some sort of adrenaline - I’m chasing flow state. 


So I went after things I was curious about that kept me sane and gave me a sense of catharsis and gratification. Three things stood the test of time: Ashtanga yoga (since 2010), rock climbing, and founding startups. 


I’ve made enough mistakes in my life and career to be emboldened. But I don’t assume to know everything. All I know is that I will never stop chasing after things that get me into flow. 

And I invite you to come along in this chase with me if we’re chasing after the same thing.

what's next

If you're curious about what I do aside from yoga and rock climbing, I run a podcast company - Podcastmate, we produce story-driven immersive podcasts for brands and thought leaders. 

I'm a podcaster and podcast executive producer for multiple shows such as PMR, PMR Diaries, The Weekly Riff, including Chasing Flow State.

I also help thought leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs spread their ideas through meaningful audio stories that win people's hearts and minds Nash Mayuela.

Curious and want to work with me on your podcasts?


Email -

Shadow on Concrete Wall

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