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Are you ready to level up your game like never before?

This is for the individual who's ready to leave everything behind

ready to peel off layers and layers of that

which no longer represents who you are 

and who you want to become


You want to evolve so hard

so you can become the person

capable of achieving the high hard goals

you set for yourself.

If that's you and you're ready to get on this adventure

I'll walk you through the whole nine yards

and equip you

to get to

Point B (whatever that means to you).

My mission is to help you drop more into flow 

so you can perform your best even at your worst sustain peak performance

and get to Point B

minus the burnout.

flow state

in the zone

the deep now
peak performance
inexplicable natural high

effortless perfect execution
losing oneself in the moment​
complete absorption of the now
intense clarity of thought
heightened perception

calm exhilaration

second wind




Imagine being able to consistently perform at your best even at your worst.

Imagine not having to rely on motivation to be able to perform your most difficult tasks and tune out distractions

We'll train:


  • the habit of ferocity

  • how to sustain peak performance at every area of your life 

  • deep recovery techniques and ideas to support a high flow lifestyle

Rebuild a new system within yourself so you can feel your best and perform your best.

FLOW life redesign

Redesign​ your lifestyle around flow and eliminate friction that prevents you from performing at your best. 

It's called Superfluidity. 

We'll audit your current life systems, habits, and tendencies then address what needs to be eliminated or improved. 

We then work on developing systems, routines, and habits that will support the life you want to create. 

It's not magic, it'll take work, but I will walk you through the whole nine yards so you will never will like you're swimming against the current.


Imagine being able to let go of what's holding you back and take a life reset.

It'll take courage. But I'll walk you through the initial process. 

We'll learn some creative ways to move your body and get the energy flowing so nothing is stuck. 

Learn to get in tune with your mind and body because you will never have a sound mind without a sound body. 

So we'll get them in sync.

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Chasing Flow State


A podcast on living a high flow lifestyle pursuing rock climbing and yoga.

And how these pursuits amplify peak performance

How far can you go if you do it in flow?

That's the question we seek to answer in this podcast.

Eternally Stoked

Weekly dose of solid and actionable advice on how to structure your life around flow, eliminating friction, and feeling your best so you can perform your best. 

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Hi, I'm Nash

My mission is to educate more people on how to tap into flow state so you can perform your best even at your worst and sustain peak performance minus the burnout.

Through my experience, learnings, and personal research in my chase for flow and understanding flow, I will share distilled wisdom and knowledge to help you get structure your life around experiences that get you into flow so that this will transcend in other areas of your life. 

Here's why -

I'm an Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner, rock climber, startup founder, and flow junkie.

I started studying flow state about 3 years ago when I felt dissatisfied with how my life was going and I was looking for something to be obsessed with. I didn’t feel excited about my life and didn’t feel motivated. I wanted to understand what drives me to perform. I


But first, I audited my life to pinpoint the common denominator of the things that I decided to pursue. I wanted to find out what about these pursuits made me want to go after them.


And then it hit me. All the things I engage myself in give me a certain high, a rush of emotions, like an ecstatic feeling, a calm exhilaration, a sense of fulfillment.


Eventually, I was able to identify the name of this state I’m constantly chasing after  — flow state.


I wanted to find out more so I looked at Psychology (which is what my Bachelor's degree is) and studied the notes of the godfather of Positive Psychology Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

And I kept digging. So here we are. 

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